Cuori Grandi Onlus & Altaeco

As a primary Italian ceramic industry we take our social responsibilities very seriously.
For over 20 years Altaeco has formed a partnership based on solidarity and social responsibility with Cuori Grandi Onlus, an Italian non-profit association working in Togo in the construction of schools, hospitals and religious buildings.
The goal is to make a concrete contribution to those who really need help, rewarding the daily commitment of Cuori Grandi Onlus to one of the poorest people in Central Africa.

Charity Projects:

- Scuola dell'infanzia ed elementare

- Scuola media e superiore

- La chiesa

- La casa dei volontari

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CasArchè & Altaeco

Altaeco confirms its support for the Casa Archè project:

In CasArché ten mother and child nuclei sent by the Social Services will be welcomed.

Mothers will be accompanied by an educational team on a journey to help them restore balance to the relationship with themselves and their children.

The average stay, between 12 and 18 months, will be characterized by educational activities aimed at identifying and enhancing the knowledge and skills of mothers, with the ultimate goal of reintegrating them into the world of work, necessary to find autonomy with their own son.

Riqualificazione Urbana: Corsico

Prosegue il progetto di riqualificazione urbana ad opera di Cri mosaici per i comuni del nord Italia, Altaeco ha avuto il piacere e l'onore di contrbuire in questo progetto.


"Riciclo, dare nuovo  vita alle cose, rendere bello un luogo lasciato andare grazie al mosaico e ai cittadini di tutte le età, da studenti delle elementari a cui si  vuol sviluppare un  senso  civico, agli anziani delle case di riposo che si sentiranno nuovamente utili, passado da adolescenti a disoccupati che potranno imparare un'arte.

Ceramiche che andrebbero buttate diventeranno tessere di un mosaico che arricchiranno scorci di città."

Cristian Colucci - Cri Mosaici

Forest Fire Fighting: The Ceramica Vogue company donates the tiles for the new headquarters in Biella.

Altaeco continues to support the charitable initiatives for its territory: the A.I.B Biella Orso Antincendi Boschivi association: the Ceramica Vogue company donates the tiles for the new headquarters in Biella.
"It is an honor for our company to offer a tangible contribution to the mission of the AIB volunteers in Biella - said Sergio Raviglione - We fully understand the importance of creating a network of solidarity to support those who sacrifice time, and sometimes life, for protect our natural heritage. Volunteers need equipment and a suitable location, a message that we received and that made us move in this direction ".

Sergio Raviglione - CMO Ceramica Vogue

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