Proudly Italian

Great products always come from the ingenuity of unique people, from the quality of the materials and from a high production specialization. And Italy is the home of creativity, qualitative excellence and design.

Altaeco is proud to be part of this tradition and to contribute every day in bringing Italian excellence to the world through its brands and collaboration with Ceramics of Italy.

Altaeco offers top-quality design products, combining modern industrial processes with refined hand-crafting techniques. Many today speak of quality, design and production made in Italy. Altaeco can say that it has always guaranteed all three of them.

• The entire production is carried out in our factories in Italy;

Design, Research and Development of our collections come from our laboratories and collaboration with important national and international designers able to transfer the uniqueness of our Made in Italy to the market;

• The production chain is subject to rigorous checks and strict evaluations before being put on the market.



Production, development and design of new collections are all executed in Italy. 

2.2 million square metres of tiles are produced every year in the three production sites of Vittuone (Milan), Cerrione (Biella) and Oderzo (Treviso).

Vittuone, Milano
Headquarters Altaeco.

 R & D center for group brands. Production of double-fired tiles.
Atelier Studio for the production of the "Handmade" collections.

Cerrione, Biella

Production of glazed stoneware tiles in white body.

Oderzo, Treviso 

Production of ceramic mosaics using the unique single-press firing technique.

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